25 July 2010

this drink is for you!

Across the nation temperatures are higher than normal. Some places are positively scorching hot! So this image of refreshing sodas and cold drinks from the farmers market is dedicated to you! Cheers!

16 July 2010


Here is the simplest of downtown silhouettes. Simplicity in a photograph sends my imagination soaring. How about you? Belladana Daily LA welcomes the newest follower: Linnea W!!!

11 July 2010

farmers market umbrellas

Tourists and locals alike enjoying food and conversation beneath the umbrellas at LA's Farmers Market. There are food stalls, shops, and outlets for farmer's produce.

10 July 2010

photo hunter - free

Some of the best things in life are free! Or paid for in advance by blood, sweat, and tears! Photo hunter is a weekly meme hosted by tnchick.

05 July 2010

hollywood tourists

Tourists enjoying the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Blvd.

04 July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hot dogs with ketchup and fries! What is more American than that? Only the red, white, and blue of this image! Happy 4th of July everyone!

03 July 2010

photo hunter - open

I could not resist snapping this image of an open pot of gumbo ya ya at LA's Farmers Market. Yet, what is gumbo ya ya? Sometimes the photographer in me is so visual I forget to be verbal and ask questions!
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