31 January 2010

twilight - not the movie

Downtown LA at twilight, what could be more beautiful? I captured this serene image while standing on the metro platform amongst rush-hour travelers waiting for a train.

30 January 2010

photo hunter- spotted

The red spots of color really caught my eye. The spots appear to be Chinese-style lanterns hanging in a Mexican-style gazebo! Yet another reason to love Los Angeles.

29 January 2010

LA's Finest

Have you ever had four horses staring at you? If only they could talk! Here is LA's finest. I leave it to you to decide if I mean the police or the horses!

28 January 2010

union station fountain

Hurried travelers rushing through Union Station and may never see this fountain. I only recently discovered it in the courtyard just adjacent to the main hall. Flowing water reminds me to slow down, take time, and enjoy the present moment.

27 January 2010

ABC Wednesday B is for Billboard

Wouldn't you like to have a big clean slate on which to write or paint? It looks like our artist is checking his cellphone for inspiration!

26 January 2010

summer city

Are recent rainy days making you long for summer? Well here's an image of downtown during last August. We do love our summers here in LA, even when they come with a side order of smog! Three cheers for the rain cleaning the air today!

25 January 2010

Watts Tower Arts Center

The Watts Towers were built over a span of years by Italian immigrant Simon Rodia. Although the towers are interesting, I was drawn to the sculpture which seems to calmly keep watch day and night.

24 January 2010

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall by architect Frank Gehry is an amazing building. The hall is an icon of Los Angeles and the winter home of the LA Philharmonic.

23 January 2010

Photo Hunter - Balanced

I love this time of day when the world seems balanced between day and night, sunset and moonrise. The missed opportunities of the day retreat as the possibilities of the night advance.

22 January 2010

who let the ducks out?

After all the rain, wind, floods, and water spouts in LA this week, aren't you ready for a smile? My favorite duck is the one in the center foreground looking right at us, daring us to smile. Which is your favorite duck? Quack Quack

21 January 2010

LA opera

This is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion located in the heart of downtown. It is part of the Music Center and home to the Los Angeles Opera. I recently saw 'The Barber of Seville' which was a lot of fun! "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!"

20 January 2010

ABC Wednesday A is for Airport

What's happening here? Did someone just miss a flight? Is someone longing to get away? Airports can be fascinating places full of stories waiting to be discovered. Where is this plane going? Where is the next plane coming to this gate arriving from? As the sun sets this day at LAX, the next day brings new stories to the airport.

19 January 2010

old car nostalgia

A friend was house-hunting and I was along for the ride. As she made a u-turn I begged her to stop while I took this picture. Never mind that we were stopped in the middle of the street with a truck heading towards us! Something about this old car was calling. My mother had a car like this when I was a child and the house looked like my grandmother's.

18 January 2010

metro red shoes

At first glance this bus-rider appeared to be homeless. The trash bag or suitcase at his feet and the floral comforter covering him as he slept seemed obvious. Yet he was dressed in a red suit from head to toe. Not just a red suit, but a freshly pressed spiffy suit with matching socks! Although he was asleep he was screaming, "photograph me!" Since I was chicken, his shoes will have to suffice!

17 January 2010

union station mural

This mural at Union Station reminds me of one of LA's greatest attributes: its diversity. People from all corners of the globe call this city home. The diversity makes the city vibrant, interesting, and ever-changing. Just like the energy you find in a train station.

16 January 2010

dream angel

On election day 2008 I found myself drawn to the energy and excitement of LA's Crenshaw district. I came across this sign outside a small clothing store called Gbaby Artwear. On that day the boundaries of possibility expanded. An impossible dream came true with the election of America's first African-American president.

15 January 2010

never seen before

Here in LA where parking space is limited, I have seen plastic bags placed on parking meters. Yet I have never seen a bag placed on a disabled parking place sign!!! This was in a private parking lot where there are NO meters! So as I was initially going to name this post...WTF??

14 January 2010

not as seen on tv

Randy's Donuts has the donut that has been seen around the world! Yet I bet few have seen it from the inside of a bus during the filming of a commercial or movie. Here's your chance. Enjoy.

13 January 2010

flight dreaming

There is something about seeing airplane tails that sets my mind to dreaming. I wonder where that plane will fly to. What city, country, or continent will be the scene of human reunions? I can imagine families reconnecting, the student heading off to study a foreign language, and lovers embracing after a long separation. I dream about flying someplace new to discover new sights, sounds, and foods. It all seems so romantic...until you have to check-in to pay for your bag!

12 January 2010

do not touch!

Does this bring up your rebellious nature? Or is it just me? I snapped this image last summer, yet I seem to remember gently touching the mannequin and almost knocking it over! Perhaps if she were wearing more supportive undergarments...

11 January 2010

instant rain

Who said it never rains in Los Angeles? As I waited for a bus on the east-side of Union Station, I noticed this film crew. The scene they were shooting over and over was of a taxi arriving and the actor getting into the cab out of the rain. If anyone knows what tv show or movie this is for, please share!

10 January 2010

silver lining

"You see this gray hair on my head? It means I have lived long enough to learn something." Those words from my father have always stuck with me. He also taught me to look for the silver lining in life. So when I saw this couple watching a parade downtown, both with their 'roots of wisdom' showing, I thought it was beautiful! Beauty is what one sees; the odd, the unexpected, the subtle. Lets discover the 'beauty' of Los Angeles together. Happy birthday, Dad. Rest in peace.
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