26 February 2010

a closer look

For this image I put the camera right up close to the grill. I like the pinhole effect it created. To see a wider shot which includes the grill and to learn why this shot can't be duplicated click here.

25 February 2010

LAX terminal 6

Here's a vintage view of LAX terminal 6. The huge advertising billboard that covers this grill now makes this viewpoint impossible! Oddly, I thought the view mundane, until I no longer had access to it!

24 February 2010

ABC Wednesday F is for Fountain

It is still hard for me to believe that I took this image at Union Station downtown. You can find this fountain in the courtyard adjacent to the main hall. To see other ABC Wednesday participants click here.

23 February 2010

aztec dancers

Tourists watch Aztec dancing in downtown LA's historic El Pueblo district.

22 February 2010

beverly hills?

I just had to take this image. Somehow the car does not go with the sign, or rather the image of Beverly Hills.

21 February 2010

chinatown by day

Sometimes Chinatown can be surprisingly serene. It's an easy walk from downtown or a short hop on the metro.

20 February 2010

photo hunter - cuddly

Recently at the airport a man complained of chest pains and asked for help. He was taken to the hospital where he later passed away. No one thought to use this machine or knew how. So the next time you see one, cuddle on up to it! Get familiar, you just might save a life!

19 February 2010

LA Street Food Fest line- part two

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a bit of a wait while in line for the food festival. To pass the time I began peering through the black curtain and fence. I discovered this gem painted on the side of an old van.

18 February 2010

LA Street Food Fest line- part one

Here's another image from the LA Street Food Fest. This was taken after waiting in line for 30 minutes with another 15 to go. NOT amused! wink wink. Come back tomorrow for part two. Click here for original post.

17 February 2010

ABC Wednesday E is for Eureka!

This week Gerald from Hyde Daily Photo included my blog in a city blog round up, Around the World ! My response? Eureka! It's always nice to be recognized by peers.

16 February 2010

travel show steel drums

Steel drums are not native to Los Angeles so I was happy to hear their melodic sound at the LA Times Travel and Adventure show. The drums were being played to showcase travel to the US Virgin Islands.

15 February 2010

street food festival

More than thirty gourmet food trucks participated in LA's first annual Street Food Fest last Saturday. The event was well worth the 45min line wait just to get IN! If you are a foodie and you missed this, eat your heart out while you wait till next year.

14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

I spotted this cute little bear at the Los Angeles Times Travel and Adventure Show today. The man at the booth saw my delight and presented me with a box of chocolates. Sweet!

13 February 2010

photo hunter - broken

Yes, it's a stretch....but who broke the freeway? Click here for more photo hunters!

12 February 2010

watts towers

Here's another view of the Watts Towers. Visiting the towers makes a fun side-trip from downtown. Simply hop on the metro and use the blue line. To see a different view of the towers, click here.

11 February 2010

orange ufo

Recently I happened to take the Amtrak train to Orange county. From the window of the moving train I caught a glimpse of this huge floating orange ball. In the distance there appear to be circus tents. Are the tents and ball connected? Mysterious! My first orange ufo!

10 February 2010

ABC Wednesday D is for Dragon Dance

Parades celebrating Chinese New Year are colorful and fun. I especially like the dancing dragon as it moves through fire-crackers! Today the dragon stood still just long enough for a portrait!

09 February 2010


Sometimes a fun frivolous picture is all it takes to lighten up a dreary rainy day!

08 February 2010

koi pond

Here is another fountain at Union Station. A close look reveals a swimming koi fish. It's hard to imagine that a peaceful place exists amidst all the hustle and bustle of the train station.

07 February 2010

downtown view

Here's a view of downtown from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The curves of the building represent the vision of architect Frank Gehry.

06 February 2010

photo hunter - average

Here's an average shot of your average tourist taking pictures of your average Aztec dancers downtown! Just another average day in Los Angeles!

05 February 2010

reflection of possibility

What do you see when you look at this image? Do you see the dark gray clouds or the blue sky? Do you see asphalt covered by a huge puddle, or a little bird walking on water? Click on comments and tell me which side of the fence you are on!

04 February 2010

downtown art walk

Los Angeles hosts a monthly Art Walk downtown. The walk is on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 12pm-9pm. The best thing about the walk, besides the art, is the admission price: it's FREE!

03 February 2010

ABC Wednesday C is for Cents

C is for cents, 99.99 cents to be exact. Walking the aisles of the 99 cents store is like going on a treasure hunt. It is amazing what you can find for 99 cents; candy, cotton balls, cauliflower, cookies, cd's, cola, cookbooks, calendars, cards, carrots...

02 February 2010

hill street cafe

The Hill Street Cafe is one of several vendors at Grand Central Market, Los Angeles' oldest open-air market. One can find fresh produce, poultry, and seafood alongside a food court offering everything from candy to kabab!

01 February 2010


Life in Los Angeles involves waiting. Whether it's waiting in traffic or waiting for a train, the waiting is still the same. And sometimes the waiting is for fellow photographers to clear out so you can get your shot!
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