19 September 2010

Los Angeles cruise terminal

Flood-lit palm trees, water, and the Vincent St. Thomas bridge make a lovely setting for an evening stroll.

18 September 2010

photo hunter - school

Recently I happened to be at Loyola Marymount University in the Westchester area of Los Angeles. The school sits atop a bluff in the Del Rey hills. What a peaceful spot to read, relax, or simply watch the world go by. (In between classes of course!) Photo Hunter is a weekly meme, see other participants here.

17 September 2010

San Pedro Ports O' Call Lobster Festival

This weekend marks the 12th annual Lobster Festival at Ports O' Call village in San Pedro. These people have just picked up their lobster dinner and are queueing to have the shell cracked. The festival offers entertainment, food booths, and food trucks all overlooking the Los Angeles Harbor.

11 September 2010

photo hunter - anniversary

Many travelers may not be aware that there is a 9-11 memorial at LAX. Amidst the kinetic light installation (lighted pylons), you'll find the names of the passengers and crew members inscribed on the base of the flag pole. One day I discovered someone had left these flowers. Perhaps a birthday or anniversary? I paused then to reflect as I did today. Photo hunter is part of a weekly meme, click here to see other participants.

30 August 2010

downtown tunnel

Have you ever gone on an open-top double-deck bus tour of Los Angeles at night? Well that's exactly what I did, and I can not say enough how fun it was! The Museum of Neon Art offers its famous neon cruise Saturday nights through November. Neon signs, light installations, and movie marquees all make for a splendid nighttime tour through downtown, Chinatown, and Hollywood.

18 August 2010

ABC Wednesday E is for electric!

This image was taken last year during the DWP Holiday Light Festival in Griffith Park. I am sharing it today because it would not be summer in LA without nights out at the Hollywood Bowl! Last week- Rent- electric!!! This Friday night, classical music and fireworks! Care to join me? Abc Wednesday is a weekly meme. See other participants here.

25 July 2010

this drink is for you!

Across the nation temperatures are higher than normal. Some places are positively scorching hot! So this image of refreshing sodas and cold drinks from the farmers market is dedicated to you! Cheers!

16 July 2010


Here is the simplest of downtown silhouettes. Simplicity in a photograph sends my imagination soaring. How about you? Belladana Daily LA welcomes the newest follower: Linnea W!!!

11 July 2010

farmers market umbrellas

Tourists and locals alike enjoying food and conversation beneath the umbrellas at LA's Farmers Market. There are food stalls, shops, and outlets for farmer's produce.

10 July 2010

photo hunter - free

Some of the best things in life are free! Or paid for in advance by blood, sweat, and tears! Photo hunter is a weekly meme hosted by tnchick.

05 July 2010

hollywood tourists

Tourists enjoying the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Blvd.

04 July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hot dogs with ketchup and fries! What is more American than that? Only the red, white, and blue of this image! Happy 4th of July everyone!

03 July 2010

photo hunter - open

I could not resist snapping this image of an open pot of gumbo ya ya at LA's Farmers Market. Yet, what is gumbo ya ya? Sometimes the photographer in me is so visual I forget to be verbal and ask questions!

21 June 2010

parking in the city

This sign is in the parking lot of the store I showed you on 19Jun. I could not stop laughing! There was no money box or lot attendant to collect the fee. So basically you could park on the street for free or search high and low for someone to give 2 dollars a minute!! What could be funnier??

20 June 2010

happy father's day

Philippe's, a Los Angeles institution, has been serving sandwiches since 1908. I have been coming here since a child in the 70's when my father introduced me to this place. I still do not get the sawdust on the floor but I enjoy it since it is offbeat, kinda like my father was! You can find Philippe's downtown a short walk from Union Station and Olvera St.

19 June 2010

photo hunter - six

Goat meat, cow skin, kenkey, fish, shitoo, and phone cards!? An interesting mix of six! Gotta love LA! ...And just what IS shitoo anyway???

18 June 2010

good luck

I came across this sign and gong during a recent night-time photo trek through LA's Chinatown district. For some reason I am now itching to strike this gong!!

17 June 2010

dump the pump!

Today is National Dump the Pump day! The American Public Transportation Association encourages you to dump the pump and use public transportation. I say give your car a hike and ride your bike!

16 June 2010

ABC Wednesday V is for View

I had so much fun at Sunset Ranch in the Hollywood Hills and that's without even getting on a horse! Sunset Ranch offers horse-back riding with spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood hills, and Los Angeles.

15 June 2010

belladana daily LA is back!

No matter how far away I go, and no matter how long I stay away, coming home to Los Angeles is always great! I like returning to favorite places such as the Farmer's Market.

14 April 2010

ABC Wednesday M is for miniature

This miniature version of the famous Hollywood sign can be found at Sunset Ranch. Coincidentally, the real Hollywood sign and the surrounding land is under threat of development. Savehollywoodland.org is raising funds to keep the land for public use. See other Abc Wednesday participants here.

10 April 2010

photo hunter - vertical

Street-lamps are almost always vertical, so this scene really caught my eye! Click here to see other photo hunter participants.

09 April 2010

east hollywood

The East Hollywood Artcycle was a fun gathering of local residents to celebrate their community. The street fair was low-key and I got a chance to experience LA's street food truck scene without all the lines!

08 April 2010

under the umbrellas

Los Angelenos enjoying the evening out, under the umbrellas. I took this image at the Americana at Brand, a residential, shopping, and entertainment destination.

07 April 2010

ABC Wednesday L is for Longevity

Longevity at your footsteps! What could be better? Long live Chinatown! See other ABC Wednesday participants here.

06 April 2010

Egypt in L.A.

It does not take much to send my mind wandering to distant lands. One look at this pyramid-shaped shadow and palm tree and my mind was off to Egypt!

05 April 2010

Americana at Brand

The Americana at Brand is a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in Glendale.

04 April 2010

Easter reflection

Palm trees, blue skies, and bright white clouds! Just another beautiful day in Los Angeles reflected in a building on Olympic Blvd.

03 April 2010

photo hunter - sweet

Awwww! All we need now are marshmallows and a campfire! See other photo hunters here.

31 March 2010

ABC Wednesday K is for ohhhhhhhh K!

I knew this sign was perfect for ABC Wednesday the moment I saw it! I've been waiting to post this image like a child waiting for Christmas Day! See other participants here.

25 March 2010

meanwhile, back at the ranch

Ladies and gentlemen, or rather, mares and geldings, here we are again at the Sunset Ranch.

24 March 2010

ABC Wednesday J is for Jogging

Just another beautiful day in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. A jogger passes by with his dog; life is jolly good. Click here for other ABC Wednesday participants.

21 March 2010


Park your car, plant a garden, and take a walk! Spring has sprung! You can see this car garden in front of the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

17 March 2010

ABC Wednesday I is for indecent proposal

Empty saddle plus sign equals indecent proposal or...insane imagination! This image was taken at the Sunset Ranch in the Hollywood hills. Click here for other ABC Wednesday participants.

16 March 2010

Little India restaurant

Have you ever left a buffet wishing you could eat more? That's how I felt after a friend took me to this restaurant recently. The food was delicious, the service friendly, and the price just right!

15 March 2010

less is more

Less is more in Little India! Something about this display of only arms and legs is mezmorising.

12 March 2010

legs on hollywood blvd

Initially these colorful legs in the window naturally caught my eye. Later I discovered the faint reflection of the sidewalk stars on Hollywood Blvd.

10 March 2010

ABC Wednesday H is for Hollywood Hills

The hiking trail at the end of Beachwood Drive affords a beautiful view of Los Angeles. These homes in the hills sit just above Hollywood and just below the famous sign. To see other ABC Wednesday participants click here.

08 March 2010

international women's day

I saw this through the window of a bakery and couldn't stop laughing! Is she chasing him for matrimony or to ring his neck??? Happy International Women's Day!

07 March 2010

oscar hopeful

The red carpet arrival area for the 82nd Academy Awards is just on the other side of this fence. Singer Molasses Jones hopes Matt Damon will be her date with the golden ticket!

photo hunter - foreign

Gobo, aka burdock root, is something I have never seen before! While exploring Little India, I discovered Gobo in an Asian grocery store.

03 March 2010

ABC Wednesday G is for Go on Girl!

The Color Purple is based upon the novel written by Alice Walker, produced by Oprah Winfrey. Music and lyrics co-written by Brenda Russell. Starring Fantasia, with Sheilah Walker as Music Director. All I can say is "Go on Girl!"

26 February 2010

a closer look

For this image I put the camera right up close to the grill. I like the pinhole effect it created. To see a wider shot which includes the grill and to learn why this shot can't be duplicated click here.

25 February 2010

LAX terminal 6

Here's a vintage view of LAX terminal 6. The huge advertising billboard that covers this grill now makes this viewpoint impossible! Oddly, I thought the view mundane, until I no longer had access to it!

24 February 2010

ABC Wednesday F is for Fountain

It is still hard for me to believe that I took this image at Union Station downtown. You can find this fountain in the courtyard adjacent to the main hall. To see other ABC Wednesday participants click here.

23 February 2010

aztec dancers

Tourists watch Aztec dancing in downtown LA's historic El Pueblo district.

22 February 2010

beverly hills?

I just had to take this image. Somehow the car does not go with the sign, or rather the image of Beverly Hills.

21 February 2010

chinatown by day

Sometimes Chinatown can be surprisingly serene. It's an easy walk from downtown or a short hop on the metro.

20 February 2010

photo hunter - cuddly

Recently at the airport a man complained of chest pains and asked for help. He was taken to the hospital where he later passed away. No one thought to use this machine or knew how. So the next time you see one, cuddle on up to it! Get familiar, you just might save a life!

19 February 2010

LA Street Food Fest line- part two

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a bit of a wait while in line for the food festival. To pass the time I began peering through the black curtain and fence. I discovered this gem painted on the side of an old van.
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