14 April 2010

ABC Wednesday M is for miniature

This miniature version of the famous Hollywood sign can be found at Sunset Ranch. Coincidentally, the real Hollywood sign and the surrounding land is under threat of development. Savehollywoodland.org is raising funds to keep the land for public use. See other Abc Wednesday participants here.

10 April 2010

photo hunter - vertical

Street-lamps are almost always vertical, so this scene really caught my eye! Click here to see other photo hunter participants.

09 April 2010

east hollywood

The East Hollywood Artcycle was a fun gathering of local residents to celebrate their community. The street fair was low-key and I got a chance to experience LA's street food truck scene without all the lines!

08 April 2010

under the umbrellas

Los Angelenos enjoying the evening out, under the umbrellas. I took this image at the Americana at Brand, a residential, shopping, and entertainment destination.

07 April 2010

ABC Wednesday L is for Longevity

Longevity at your footsteps! What could be better? Long live Chinatown! See other ABC Wednesday participants here.

06 April 2010

Egypt in L.A.

It does not take much to send my mind wandering to distant lands. One look at this pyramid-shaped shadow and palm tree and my mind was off to Egypt!

05 April 2010

Americana at Brand

The Americana at Brand is a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in Glendale.

04 April 2010

Easter reflection

Palm trees, blue skies, and bright white clouds! Just another beautiful day in Los Angeles reflected in a building on Olympic Blvd.

03 April 2010

photo hunter - sweet

Awwww! All we need now are marshmallows and a campfire! See other photo hunters here.
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