21 March 2011

springtime smile!

Springtime is here! This big grin and jumping for joy is exactly how I feel about springtime. I found this image on La Brea Ave in West Los Angeles.

20 March 2011

rainbows and runners

I opened my front door to leave for work and this is the wonderful view I saw! Wow! A full rainbow right in my front yard! This image is from a previous 'storm', but since it is raining today I use it to salute the LA marathon runners! Cheers to rainbows and runners!

18 March 2011

Los Angeles farmers market exotic fruit

One of the best things about living in LA is the diversity of people that call this city home. This diversity is reflected in the variety of foods found here. It is possible to take a culinary trip around the world just by visiting a local farmers market. Honestly, I have never tasted a Cherimoya, but it's nice to know I can!

17 March 2011

cable car crossing

An old-time cable car crosses in front of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro. Youngsters watch as a remnant of a by-gone era passes in front of them.

19 September 2010

Los Angeles cruise terminal

Flood-lit palm trees, water, and the Vincent St. Thomas bridge make a lovely setting for an evening stroll.

18 September 2010

photo hunter - school

Recently I happened to be at Loyola Marymount University in the Westchester area of Los Angeles. The school sits atop a bluff in the Del Rey hills. What a peaceful spot to read, relax, or simply watch the world go by. (In between classes of course!) Photo Hunter is a weekly meme, see other participants here.

17 September 2010

San Pedro Ports O' Call Lobster Festival

This weekend marks the 12th annual Lobster Festival at Ports O' Call village in San Pedro. These people have just picked up their lobster dinner and are queueing to have the shell cracked. The festival offers entertainment, food booths, and food trucks all overlooking the Los Angeles Harbor.
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