31 March 2010

ABC Wednesday K is for ohhhhhhhh K!

I knew this sign was perfect for ABC Wednesday the moment I saw it! I've been waiting to post this image like a child waiting for Christmas Day! See other participants here.

25 March 2010

meanwhile, back at the ranch

Ladies and gentlemen, or rather, mares and geldings, here we are again at the Sunset Ranch.

24 March 2010

ABC Wednesday J is for Jogging

Just another beautiful day in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. A jogger passes by with his dog; life is jolly good. Click here for other ABC Wednesday participants.

21 March 2010


Park your car, plant a garden, and take a walk! Spring has sprung! You can see this car garden in front of the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

17 March 2010

ABC Wednesday I is for indecent proposal

Empty saddle plus sign equals indecent proposal or...insane imagination! This image was taken at the Sunset Ranch in the Hollywood hills. Click here for other ABC Wednesday participants.

16 March 2010

Little India restaurant

Have you ever left a buffet wishing you could eat more? That's how I felt after a friend took me to this restaurant recently. The food was delicious, the service friendly, and the price just right!

15 March 2010

less is more

Less is more in Little India! Something about this display of only arms and legs is mezmorising.

12 March 2010

legs on hollywood blvd

Initially these colorful legs in the window naturally caught my eye. Later I discovered the faint reflection of the sidewalk stars on Hollywood Blvd.

10 March 2010

ABC Wednesday H is for Hollywood Hills

The hiking trail at the end of Beachwood Drive affords a beautiful view of Los Angeles. These homes in the hills sit just above Hollywood and just below the famous sign. To see other ABC Wednesday participants click here.

08 March 2010

international women's day

I saw this through the window of a bakery and couldn't stop laughing! Is she chasing him for matrimony or to ring his neck??? Happy International Women's Day!

07 March 2010

oscar hopeful

The red carpet arrival area for the 82nd Academy Awards is just on the other side of this fence. Singer Molasses Jones hopes Matt Damon will be her date with the golden ticket!

photo hunter - foreign

Gobo, aka burdock root, is something I have never seen before! While exploring Little India, I discovered Gobo in an Asian grocery store.

03 March 2010

ABC Wednesday G is for Go on Girl!

The Color Purple is based upon the novel written by Alice Walker, produced by Oprah Winfrey. Music and lyrics co-written by Brenda Russell. Starring Fantasia, with Sheilah Walker as Music Director. All I can say is "Go on Girl!"
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