21 June 2010

parking in the city

This sign is in the parking lot of the store I showed you on 19Jun. I could not stop laughing! There was no money box or lot attendant to collect the fee. So basically you could park on the street for free or search high and low for someone to give 2 dollars a minute!! What could be funnier??

20 June 2010

happy father's day

Philippe's, a Los Angeles institution, has been serving sandwiches since 1908. I have been coming here since a child in the 70's when my father introduced me to this place. I still do not get the sawdust on the floor but I enjoy it since it is offbeat, kinda like my father was! You can find Philippe's downtown a short walk from Union Station and Olvera St.

19 June 2010

photo hunter - six

Goat meat, cow skin, kenkey, fish, shitoo, and phone cards!? An interesting mix of six! Gotta love LA! ...And just what IS shitoo anyway???

18 June 2010

good luck

I came across this sign and gong during a recent night-time photo trek through LA's Chinatown district. For some reason I am now itching to strike this gong!!

17 June 2010

dump the pump!

Today is National Dump the Pump day! The American Public Transportation Association encourages you to dump the pump and use public transportation. I say give your car a hike and ride your bike!

16 June 2010

ABC Wednesday V is for View

I had so much fun at Sunset Ranch in the Hollywood Hills and that's without even getting on a horse! Sunset Ranch offers horse-back riding with spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood hills, and Los Angeles.

15 June 2010

belladana daily LA is back!

No matter how far away I go, and no matter how long I stay away, coming home to Los Angeles is always great! I like returning to favorite places such as the Farmer's Market.
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